About Us


Corporate Culture

  • Corporate Vision

    Develop diversified energy business and become an integrated energy supplier

  • Principle

    Team up with others, fulfil the synergy

  • Business Direction

    While focusing on expanding the existing natural gas power generation and heating business, by combining the philosophy of "Energy + Technology", developing new businesses such as power auxiliary services, energy contract management and energy storage.

  • Management Philosophy

    Tell the truth and do practical work

  • Business Philosophy

    Pragmatic, Innovative and Brilliant

  • Recruitment Philosophy

    Talents with integrity will be lured with attractive rewards or may even be called on repeatedly;
    The mediocre with integrity will be offered junior positions, coupled with on-job training to enhance their skills;
    Those with no talent or integrity will be left to their own devices;
    Talents with no integrity do not stand a chance, for endless troubles will ensue if they manage to creep in.